Family owned & operated, home care company

An example of a project showcasing our success. Specific details have been left out to protect the anonymity of our clients and candidates.

Client: Local NJ based, family owned & operated, home care company with 20 years in business and a close-knit 10 person team.

Story: We connected with the owners after they struggled for over a year to find the right person for their sales team that could blend compassion with sale drive. We dedicated a lot of time at the beginning our partnership to get to know the team, business structure, and their individual processes. Once we started the search, they had four candidates to interview within 10 days and ended up hiring two. They continued to utilize us to fill 3 more internal positions as they grow their brand.

Roles Filled: 4 permanent positions within our first 3 months working together!

Types of Positions: Account Management/Sales, Director of Operations, and Case Management.