Working in Financial Services

Financial services are professional services that provide transactions for businesses or consumers in investment management, investment planning, loans, mortgages, banking services, refinancing, tax preparation, insurance coverage, and real estate. 

Financial services are not tangible products that can be bought or sold, instead they are services that help their customers save time, receive expert advice, or gain access to financial transactions. Salespeople need to be subject matter experts and must abide by federal regulations to meet their customers needs.

Roles in the Financial Services

Sales & Customer Service

Sales Representative, Account Executive, Business Development Manager, Client Services, Regional Consultant, Business Banker, Portfolio Manager, Investment Advisor, Research Analyst, Software Engineer, Account Coordinator, Operations, Asset Manager, Investment Manager, Loan Officer, Loan Originator, Finance Manager, Merchant Services, Senior Associate, Associate Manager, Manager, Senior Manager, Associate Director, Director, Senior Director, Associate Vice President, Vice President, Senior Vice President

Operations & Sales Support

Bookkeeper, Underwriter, Accountant, Analyst, Receptionist, Human Resources Manager, Talent Acquisition, Receptionist, Office Manager

Executive Positions

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Operations Officer (COO), Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Chief People Officer (CPO), Chief Science Officer (CSO)